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The Dignity of Difference 11/11/10 – Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacks I enjoyed listening to Lord Jonathan Sacks in this interview and how he tells of how he came to know and love Judaism. What first piqued my interest was when he tells us of his limited mechanical abilities and that when all else fails, read the instructions, just as quantitative experimental science is doing now in reading the Bible to discover what the traditions and wisdom was saying three to four thousand year ago, which we all know is to do good for others. I was moved in his telling of his experience when standing with other religious leaders at ground zero, seeing the wreckage and the sheer harm that hate can do. It would be life altering to say the least. In another part of the interview what really struck a chord with me is when he said “By being what only I can be, I give humanity what only I can give. It is my uniqueness that allows me to contri bute something unique to the universal heritage of human kind.” Each of us is truly unique in our own way and we must remember that God put us on earth to make a difference, no matter how big or small our contribution to human kind may be. It was most intriguing to hear that conversation is considered to be the antidote to violence. We each know this in theory but there are often times when people are not willing to take the time to discuss a situation; rather, they walk away without making an attempt to understand the other person’s point of view at all, which results in the situation not getting resolved and the possibility of the situation to escalate into violence. As Lord Sacks also said, “It’s when you can feel your opponent’s pain that we’re led to the path of reconciliation.” Thank you for having these inspirational discussions available for your listeners.