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I would like to reiterate Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks' message that we are in a new century in which openness of dialogue will be a form of liberation. I would like to suggest an outreach between synagogues and mosques in NYC that would encompass only those issues dear to both of us -- theological issues that might bring us closer in understanding, not political issues that have no place in a dialogue between kindred religious spirits. Could we not have a panel in which learned, and less learned, representatives of our faiths might share our feelings about Abraham, Sarah, Ismael, Issac, and other figures whom we revere in our Holy Books? To learn about what we know from another's point of view is a step to learning more about ourselves. How can we take the first wee steps to turn an opening remark into a story? Robert S. April MD MA New York City Member, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun