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Dear Ms. Tippet,

Your program this week consisted of an hour-long advertisement for Judaism and Israel, in the form of an interview with a Rabbi named Jonathan Sacks. Mr. Sacks spent the full hour weaving religious mythology into his political agenda, whitewashing Jewish history and making a number of disparaging innuendo about Islam along the way. You know, Fox News is, in a way, more honest than NPR, because they come right out and say that they hate Islam, and attack people they consider enemies in plain sight. NPR, and apparently 'Being', is much more insidious, because it prefers to inject an agenda promoting Israeli and Jewish interests in subtle and subliminal ways. I wrote a book about Israel and Judaism that looks into this issue, and I continue to hope an NPR program will one day allow my perspective, or others with smiliar dissenting views, to be heard. No luck so far. Christopher Egli, author, 'The Nicest People on Earth'