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Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks brings religious views back to those of the Deny’s. God is bigger than religion, God is bigger than human understanding, God may even be bigger than the word God itself. I enjoyed learning about his religious history and seeing how he, similar in some ways to Karen Armstrong, found religion when they weren’t looking for it. For some of us, hearing the struggles of even the most devout belies guilt we may feel within our own struggles.

Lord Sacks statement of “When all else fails, read the instructions.” should ring true in society regardless of religious affiliation. We, as a society, have proven to be one that struggles with equality, humanity and at times, a general level of respect for those both alike and different from us. We need to refer back to former “instructions” set forth for each of us and move forward with these in mind. We will never be able to determine who is “right” in the debate of Jesus being the Messiah vs. a Prophet vs. a Teacher, as this will always be based on one’s faith and belief. In order for societies to move progressively forward, society needs to understand the commonalities between religion (particularly Islam, Judaism and Christianity) while focusing on the respect, compassion and reverence within those commonalities.