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The faithful can and must cultivate their own deepest truth while finding God in the other”. “Don’t think God is as simple as you are and think we can confine God into our categories, God is bigger than religion”. These were two great quotes I got from the beginning from this broadcast and it really made me think what to follow. The idea that a religion is true does not define us as a person but what define us is the fact that every living thing came from the same source. Jonathan Sacks says we should have the dignity of difference because of the world we live in today. On thing that according Rabi Sacks is the fear of the “stranger” because in human history human beings have lived with people that share the same views but in modern times as we see in Europe and in America there are people from different cultures and backgrounds that live together.

The two great commandment in the New Testament states “we should love our neighbor as ourselves and love God”. But he says in the Mosaic book it says “love the stranger because you were once a stranger in the land of Egypt”. This is true in the world we live in today as we come across different people who are not of the same faith but at the same either you have to do a business with that person or have to sit in the same classroom. "When we seek the welfare of others we know that doing good to others is a determinant of happiness". We can do this by fellowship among the different religions of faiths. As a Christian listening to this broadcast was very interesting because all along I have viewed people with different religious beliefs as the same human beings and we were all created by one God.