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I listened to the radio program with a Chief Rabbi named Jonathan Sacks. He resides in Great Britain and the interview was about modernization of the Jewish religion. I found myself more intrigued by what he was saying than I thought I would. He had good points that made me think about why and how things are done. He talks about how the Jewish religion has changed and evolved from century to century due to modern things such as technology. Some of the biggest ideas that he talked about that was not just in the Jewish faith but in the Christian faith as well was moral values, giving to others and being true to your religion and yourself. I found some of the comparisons interesting as to the connections he made.
When Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talks about the Bible saying that it isn’t as simple as you think it is, I find this interesting. He talks about “I am that which I am” which means something different in Hebrew. He goes on to say how God is bigger than religion. He states, “To be true to your faith and blessing to others regardless of your faith”. I find this phrase interesting because even though this type of message reaches back centuries, it is still being portrayed. The difficulty of being modern or dated is hard because he is constantly judged by the people he leads in his religion and knows this. This Rabbi is intriguing because they talked about how he went to communities to act as though he was homeless to get a good view and to be able to reach out to these sorts of people. In thinking about this, it is interesting because if you think about back in biblical times, many of those people did not’t have shelter or anything that we have right now. They build a shack with leaves for a roof and do this for seven days. He thinks we need to feel what it’s like to be homeless because there are so many people in the present time that are homeless. He talks about how this is a specific thing that we should do within our religions. He thinks that people should also be able to share their stories and ideas to understand one another. For example, the Passover story is such a simplistic story but it means different things to different generations. These different generations take away different meanings because of different experiences and things that happen in their lives. For example, people now days don’t know how to interact or go about their daily life if they do not have email or their Blackberry. This is a much different view than the people many centuries ago. I assume that this is a way to tie himself to the Jewish community to know how these biblical leaders and followers would have gone about their business. The Jewish community tries to work together with other religious communities on certain things but some things are not able to be collaborated on. Many religious traditions have to do with moral views and observations. There is not’t a scientific basis to religion because it is mainly based on morals you were brought up with and that you choose to continue to believe. He continues to talk about how people relate to people such as the Dahli Lama because he is so different and compares it to a Jewish rapper. He talks about Martin Luther King Jr. and how he “had a dream” and compared it to 27 centuries ago and how they doubtfully thought about black civil rights.
To sum it up, we should love each other, be true to our religion and ourselves. We also need to give to others because all of these things will help us grow as people.