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First off, I want to express my appreciation for Krista Tippett. Last week a commenter unfairly, I thought, disparaged Ms. Tippett's interview style. I admit that I felt that last week, Ms. Tippett seemed a little bit "smitten" (platonically or otherwise) with her guest who was certainly appealing in thought and manner, and interjected perhaps a little more than in other installments.

I say this thinking about the most recent episode with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (to be both "Rabbi" and "Lord" seems, I don't know, ironic?). In any case, speaking of appreciating the diversity of difference, I recently reflected on a first encounter with a theretofore stranger, in which I appreciated the gist of her comment but thought the manner was a little more stern than necessary. Walking away, I thought, "Okay, that's not the way I would have approached the situation, but I think it was an appropriate way for someone else to approach it (meaning, while different from my manner, it wasn't what I would suggest was offensive or egregious). Working, working, working towards tolerance and understanding that we're all different and finding our way!

I'm a staunch NPR devotee, and as On Being is now in a time slot that falls during my commute, I feel most blessed (says the atheist) for the show. I'm sure that Krista Tippett has great input in selecting her guests and formulating the interview questions, and I applaud her and the show!