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Re On Being: The Ecstatic Poetry of Rumi What is arrayed here: a RAY ed. About Light itself in all its aspects. What is whirled, as in Sufi Masters, as in Rumi, is world itself, whirled, and these are whirrling words. To quote what was so beautifully said, by Fatemeh Keshavarz: the whirling brings it into your everyday life.. Everything in the universe is whirling with the force of love. We need to join the dance!" I say, whirled without end. And I say there is something so beyond beautiful about the poetry, the soul of Rumi, that transcends and transports us, directly, to the Divine in us all, and in all. Awe. Just say, AWE! The metaphoric connect between whirling and centering, as discussed by Keshavarz in her interview transcends the dance, and is the dance. The potter at the potter's wheel, is turning, turning, and as the vessel shapes, it is called an act of centering, truly a spiritual act, for the potter. I could also say, that the w ord pottery itself is so redolent of our word, poetry. The poetry of life is the love. It's how we live it. Rumi saw this deeply, and in few words, he expressed a multitude. It is a condensation of essence, so beautiful we do cry, as what tears at us, tears of sorrow, are also tears of joy. There is this profound amalgam in all of our lives, and we do perceive this everywhere, and on a soul level, very difficult to describe, paradoxically in words. But he does it. He does it. As does is also for young deer. So dear is this, it transcends us, and brings us to become, souls on fire! The song of the reed is the encapsulation of our lives, of our longing for merger, and of journey to and from the Divine, in our very lives and through the years these threads of story do connect to this story. The music. I am also deeply aware of Moses and how he was drawn from a basket of reeds, among reeds, and that story of Exodus and Arrival, but yes, we never fully arrive, and he did not, in h is life. It is so deeply a metaphoric journey for us all, with layers and layers of mirrors, the echoic connects, constantly with the ONE. With the very essence of LOVE itself. The deep fragrance and unfolding of the rose. The dawn, a rose, this morning, and with it I embraced the light, I stretched, and my arms reached beyond the stars and into a universe of myself, within, and, without. This story is about love.