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Rumi took me to the World beneath the flesh. His every word sends fireworks off in my soul. I understand his depth like an inkling I had never yet put words to. He knows Love of the Flesh is Divine, and celebrates this human existence as much as existence beyond flesh.
After reading Rumi for a couple of years, I encountered Divine Love through a human being. It was a brief encounter filled with intensity and truth, then separation. In that moment of vulnerable heartbreak I snapped into deeper understanding of what Rumi was saying all his life. What happened to him when he met Shams.
Words cascaded into me in a flurry of clarity. I wrote:

In our oneness
I cannot exclude You
in anything I do.

He is like Rummi's word
in the books
Where he talks about Sun.
If you stimulate me constantly,
for the rest of my Life,
on my spiritual journey.
You will be always with me.

Now I want to taste every flavour, every richness
In life
I know
none of it
is mine to hold.
Only mine to behold.
And in that knowledge,
I am safe.

So, Fear...
my dear.
Is my friend.
My greatest friend
me the doorway
to Love.

I felt a oneness with Rumi, and a connection to the place from which words flowed into him. I understood the surrendering necessary to experience this generosity.
When I cannot open myself to Rumi, I know I am not open to myself.