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Mr. Wainaina's comments about the negative and neo-colonialish effects of aid, public and private, should not just be viewed as an African issue but as an across the board human issue. Parties, governments, individuals, etc., that, however well meaning, try to "help" others with social programs, healthcare programs, financial programs usually end up creating costly messes for all. The primary need of people is the ability to control their own lives and solve their problems themselves. That, by the way, is a primary base for most forms of faith in the world. In fact it is the very basis of faith, that is what faith is. It is great for other people to help if they are able, when they are asked by another individual for help. But as Mr. Wainaina eluded, help and good intentions often become dictatorial. Let's look around at our efforts around the world and at home and see if we aren't trying to help too much.