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The ethics of aid is a sensitive subject for many people. My view is that each person has the human right to equal access to basic health care. I was not aware of this hospital sitting unused in the "middle of nowhere" of Africa before reading your posting. I did not listen to this story on the speaking of faith website, but your posting caught my attention. Was there a reason why the German funding for the hospital stopped? Was this a short term plan or research project of some sort? It seems silly to me and a waste of resources to build such a building and then abandon it after so few years of use. Through your story it seems as though there are people within the communities willing to provide the labor to run the hospital and to learn how to educate others within the community. How frustrating when the labor in available and the facility is available but the funding is barren. It is through postings such as this story on, that the information is spread throughout the world, and hopefully there will be a silver lining to this situation. The need for basic health care to the communities within Africa that need it so desperately. It is like you said in the beginning "teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."