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I believe that God is creation and that creation is God. That God provides, through creation abundantly. It is humans that (pardon the expression) screw things up and create scarcity. God does indeed provide for our daily bread—our daily needs. We just need to figure out how to receive our daily bread. Greed and wastefulness gets in the way of that. It is only through an attitude of thankfulness and generosity that our collective daily needs can be met.

The more I understand that God is creation, creation is God, the more I understand that God is present within the food we eat. Thus, food preparation and the eating of food becomes a sacred thing—a form of Holy Communion.

My decisions about food have been changing toward whole foods, fresh foods, locally grown foods—in general a healthier diet—also, foods that require preparation. Part of this is to become more mindful of where foods come from—closer to creation—part of it is to be healthier.

Through food, we are most intimately connected to God in a physical way—connected with God through creation. The abusive use of food is an insult to creation—to God. We need to be more mindful of where our food comes from and the consequences of making bad decisions concerning the production and consumption of food.