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When you view your body as a temple, it becomes clear that it should be nourished by only the highest quality food. Our bodies are temporary vessels, loaned to us. We should take care of them as if they actually belonged to us! Life is supported on Earth by two things: Father Sun (energy) and Mother Earth (matter). Modern civilization has become unbalanced, worshiping our father to the exclusion of our mother. To that end, we try to eat food that is balanced — organic and without undue proportions of energy, whether from fertilizer (natural gas), mechanized agribusiness (diesel), or transport.

This has been an evolving situation; a smoldering realization that has only recently burst into flame. Yet, Permaculture is all about "transition strategies." When you stop changing, you're dead. So we believe that our food choices will continue to evolve, with an emphasis on organically grown, as close to home as possible.

I've written a short story on the topic of our way of life, with vaguely earth-based religious overtones: