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I believe God gifted us with an abundance of plants and animals to sustain us. Therefore, I don't have a problem with eating animals. I do, however, believe that our food has become far too industrialized. So much thought has gone into how to process and deliver food more efficiently that hardly any thought at all goes into where our food actually comes from or how it is treated along the way. I want to do a better job of choosing foods that are closer to the earth—organically grown, locally produced—so that I can be a better steward of God's gifts.

I don't believe that God intends for us to manipulate nature to the point that we are no longer really eating natural foods. I have trouble with the fact that 1/5 of petroleum consumption in the US goes into the manufacture and transportation of food, because I think this represents terrible stewardship of our resources—both fossil fuels and food. I believe that God created a world in which we all can be fed well, not a world in which some have far too much food available and others suffer starvation. I wish there were better ways for me to share the bounty I enjoy with those who don't have enough.

I am currently reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan at a friend's suggestion. What I have learned from this book already, along with other information from this same friend, is beginning to have a big impact on my choices about food. I am reading ingredients much more than I ever have, and I am looking for minimally (or not at all) processed foods. I'm much less inclined to eat fast food now, and I think more about where the food on my plate came from, whether at home or at a restaurant.

The foods that are the absolute worst for us, in terms of fat and sugar content and artificial ingredients, are the cheapest at the supermarket. Because of this, the people in our society with the least amount of resources (and the least health insurance, usually) end up with the worst health problems. I don't believe this is right. I think it is an injustice that needs to be corrected on a huge scale.