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I am a born again believer, but my faith doesn't dictate what I should or should not eat. I am not under the Levitical law but under Grace. However, that doesn't give me license to eat foolishly if my health dictates otherwise (watching fatty foods, etc).

Food is God's gift. I am very grateful for what He provides for me and my family, and I try not to abuse it (such as overeating or hoarding or wasting it).

My views on food have changed much from the past because i had bulimia/anorexia. Food was like an enemy, and my body image was very distorted. When I came to believe that God through Jesus Christ can deliver me and my disease, and can restore my mind and my thoughts into His image, then my feelings about food changed. All foods, not just certain ones, are good. My body and image was perfect in God's eyes. It was and is a process, but not longer am I in such a bondage over food, weight, image. etc. Because I have the Living God and the Holy Spirit loving me and helping me in this journey.