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Faith is irresponsible irrationality. Food choices should be rational. Are your cows grass-fed, thus providing better meat and milk, or are they ghettoized in a feedlot where they are forced to eat grains which make them sick and increase the transmission of E. coli? Are the chickens and eggs pastured so that they make more Omega 3 fatty acids? Industrial methods of food production are making people obese and causing diabetes. Since I don't have "a spiritual belief system" my thoughts of food revolve around nutrition and taste. Is it good for you and does it taste good? Eat It!

The more I read science based studies of food, the more clearly it becomes evident that genetically modified organisms introduced in the food chain are a detriment to nutrition. I recommend reading Michael Pollan's "An Omnivore's Dilemma" and Nina Planck's "Real Food".

Know where you came from and where you are going. We come from dust and decompose into dust. Do you want your dust laden with heavy metals and carcinogens?