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I choose foods which assist my self-healing abilities and assist my spiritual growth. I choose foods which I can make and bless and feed to others in a heart-filled way, knowing this food will assist them in many ways. And sometimes God, in the form of food, chooses me.

I'm an all-beings communicator, so I speak with the spirit of whatever I eat. I bless my nourishers for the gift of their lives to aid mine, and I know I'll be returning my body to the earth so that other beings can gain nourishment from it at some point. Talking with trees, food plants, herbs, and animals — it's the God-in-all-life who speaks with me. I'm an omnivore. After eating a mostly vegetarian diet for several months and suffering physically from it, I received a message from God: "You have to eat meat. That's the way you're made."

I'm now shifting out of the last of the delusions ingrained from infancy through the dysfunctional family habit of "fixing" things with comfort foods—especially desserts. My diet for the last several years was already simple except for that; and now I'm releasing even the occasional sugar/white potato/white flour indulgence in order to heal what may be insulin resistance. It's been interesting to follow the sugar thing spiritually. As a universal channel and shamanic healer, I have the experience of being embodied by other-than-human beings sometimes. Angels love sugar! When I saw the movie Michael a few years ago I was blown away by the scene in which he pours a huge amount of sugar on his bowl of cereal. That rang absolutely true to my experience of angels.