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Shortly after my mother died I went to a place in Michigan called the Creative Health Institute. I knew about it because a friend had gone there when she was challenged by melanoma cancer. I had been staying in her home, helping her with day to day chores until she went there for several weeks. She lives.

When I received an inheritance, I took the opportunity to experience "eating raw" myself. It was so weird and so exciting. I recall feeling my body change as I detoxified from meat and felt food enzymes, still alive, do their miraculous things in my body. It was a spiritual thing that happened to me those two weeks. Returning to the world, I was drawn back into old patterns and I did not treat myself with the respect I deserved. Although I had brought a couple hundred dollars worth of seeds and all that imparted knowledge and respect for the information, I did not have the respect for myself to take the time to treat my body with the new "in"-lightenment.

I do not beat myself up over this as it would serve no purpose. I go back yearly for a two week wake up call and do better each time I come home. I eat less and less meat. Out of respect for the animal's lives and their mistreatment at industrial farms, I can not. Now, hearing of all the contaminated things coming into our food chain from China, and having no confidence that the U.S. government cares one iota about keeping me healthy and non-drug dependent, it is the straw that broke the camel's back. I now eat consciously knowing no one else cares. It is my body and my job on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual.