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David and Andrea Craxton, Roots n Fruits in Dalton, create beauty in display of organic produce at the Lancaster Farmer's Market. During farmer's market season, we eat fabulous food. The bread guy moved and we sure miss him. He had long lines at the farmer's market. His bread from stone hearth oven is better than mine from electric stove oven. Storing food is my next step. I eat from the entire world in the winter and try for local in farmer's market season. Local in winter takes time for food prep in storing and growing plants inside. I haven't made the effort.

Global warming speaker, Patrick Miller, told White Mountain Regional High school students climate in northern New Hampshire would look like northern Virginia. Hard to imagine. I've seen glaciers calving off. For the last four years peak leaf change has been later than in the previous 15 years I'd been here. On April 20th in Coos County, northern Virginia sounds decent.

Shopping at farmer's market is no sacrifice. Very wonderful experience. Gearing up the schools for local food will require some regional root cellars. Now the school kitchen has maybe space for 50 pounds of potatoes at a time. Change in schools is the right path. I am grateful for sodas out of schools. Water in bottles is a whole social civil rights issue too. We haven't even started on that. The diet sodas especially are evil. All the junk in them. Some reports say now that diet soda feeds the wanting of sweets.