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Our daughter Ashley, aged 19, was killed just over two years ago by a drunk driver. Since the accident I have begun a journey of "enlightenment" that has had a profound impact on my life, from personal growth and understanding of who I am through to my physical well being and general health including the food that I eat. Listening to Krista's guest Barbara Kingsolver this morning is yet another moment in my life that I truly believe has been put before me by my daughter Ash to consider and introduce into my new way of living. I don't believe in the near future I will pack up my present way of life and move onto the land to become a self-sufficient food provider, but I do believe, as Barbara has attempted in her book and experiment, and as Krista acknowledged, that we sit up and take cogence of what we eat and how it came to our table, we will then be at the beginning of a journey that can only be beneficial in the long run for the world community.