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RE: Barbara Kingsolver, Ethics of eating episode July 18, 2010 Until recently, Krista, I spent most of my time comparing myself to others and judging my efforts lacking. Once I accepted my personal empowerment on this earth...once I began trusting that the individual "I" had worth within the big picture and could take the actions I was willing to take on my own part to walk with loving grace on this earth as best I could...once I was able to see the Truth about my real job in the material world; only then could I be gentle with myself, relax, and know I was doing the right things. Only then could I accept that the next step I was able to take was 'enough' in order to become an overall part of the healing energy for our earth. I had to realize that to try to do more than I could do was not a good thing for me or for other I share with whom I share this life. I know, if I walk with grace one step at a time in good orderly direction, I can liv e a worthy life within the whole scheme of things. This knowing is the definition success for me. I admire and enjoy Krista and Barbarafor their successes in taking those action steps you are able to take, one step at a time. By doing so you raise the awareness of others through entertainment and add to the vital ingredients that help complete the big picture of the universe. Thank you.