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I am normally a big fan of SOF. Listening on Sunday mornings at 7AM, as I travel to care for a colony of feral cats, the show adds a spiritual dimension to my morning. But the interview with Barbara Kingsolver made me angry. While she made some important points (such as how disconnected we've become from what we eat), clearly it's Ms. Kingsolver's privilege that gives her the time and resources to perform (and write about) her experiment in eating locally. While this was (too facilely) addressed in the interview, particularly when talking about giving up non-local foods that have a "shipping toll" (such as bananas),she came across as a hypocrite. Certainly, she's been book tours, and with her privilege, traveled the world by jet? And how does she know that a turkey doesn't want to "grow to be 100 and know its grandchildren?" Her situational ethics and transparent justifications were very hard to take.