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My grandparents (German and Hungarian) had every vegetable and root crop imaginable in their gardens. My father had a 'hotbed' in which he started cabbage, tomato, and other 'sets' about the end of February. These were later transplanted to the garden on our farm near Freeport, MN. Consequently, we were quite self-sufficient except for citrus fruits and a few items in winter. Our garden and orchard supplied us with every kind of food that didn't walk. Consequently, as soon as fruits and vegs were available, that is what we used.

This particular food story goes back to my childhood. On my birthday (July 16), of course we were using local food. A few days before my 9th birthday, Mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I responded, "An orange". Which (one) she selected on her next trip to town.

I remember slowly peeling that orange including the feeling of the little mist that hits your face (I had bad eyesight, so things were held close), then slowly, over an hour or so, taking the sections apart one by one and eating them. I can still remember the taste of that orange.