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It was great to learn about Animal Vegetable Miracle. Please pass on to her that I am a fan. I have always been a radical "eat to live" person, rather than a "live to eat" person. I see how most of the world ekes out a subsistance living, trying to just put enough food into their mouths to survive. An in contrast I see this spoiled and pampered culture of ours, trying to titillate our taste buds, use food for psychological comfort, or even worse, for status. It's all gotten so out of kilter, and our society is so unhealthy and so many people are obese. As a culture, we literally "are what we eat"....hedonistic and debauched....pathetic. I don't know if we are redeemable. Maybe when their is a total collapse of our society and people have to forage for tree bark to survive.

On a side note, here is a "diet plan" I wrote several years ago, trying to help people to be more aware of their eating.


Harness the power of the individual (YOU) to promote healthy weight loss.
Through personal responsibility and self-discipline you can watch pounds drop
away and change your life for the better...forever.

I use nature as my guide and model. I see very few cases of obesity out in the
wild. I just imagined myself as a wild animal as well. A consequence of this new view
is that I questioned and then discarded some negative trappings of our society
and culture. We living in modern civilization are in many ways spoiled. We are
rich, pampered and priviledged compared to most other people in the world. We tend to
think that through modern technology we can control nature. One way this is
displayed is the way in which modern medicine now prolongs life to far beyond the
life-spans of people living in less advanced parts of the world. Life in our
modern culture is becoming easier on many fronts. Technology has been essential
in decreasing work and increasing leisure time. Not all of this is always to the
net good. There are some people who bemoan the fact that they will be kept alive
for years, with no quality of life, as a burden to family, just vegetating in bed
in their old-age. Many modern inventions and contrivances strive to make work
easier and help to insure that less energy need be spent, consequently people are
getting lazier and lazier. Soon we will barely need to get up off the couch to
get most of our needs met. There are people who envision a time in the
not-too-distant future, when they fear obesity will be the norm and fit people
will be the freaks. Per capita, we Americans consume 20 times what most people in
the world do. A lifestyle of indulgence has completely permeated our society and
culture. Food as an extension and symbol of our wealth and it has become inextricably
part of our socialization. We gather round the food table for countless types of
social interactions, from family to friends to business. In many social
situations we have seemingly learned to associate having a good time with
completely pigging out. Our taste buds delight in the plethora of sensations that
are available to us in our modern world, fulfilling our hedonistic desires. In that the world has become smaller through globalization we now not only have access to the foods of our own
culture, but to the foods of the entire world, and we take delight in that new
diversity. Because of the sensory satisfaction it brings, food also has become a
source of pleasure which fills many other human needs, like depression,
loneliness and stress. As people acquire more leisure time boredom may become a
problem, and eating is reduced to a way to take up some time. Many human needs and
undefined cravings seem to be satisfied by eating. This is the problem that
needs to be attacked head on; this feeling of having to fill up the depleted self
with food substances can be eradicated. I believe it can be done by starting to
think like a wild animal. We need to eat in response to need rather than in
response to self-indulgent forms of pleasure-seeking. We have to return to a regimen of incorporating food into our lives for the elemental reasons of easing our hunger and maintaining our
survival. There is simply no reason to eat the quantities of food that we eat.
It is unnatural and will serve no good purpose. If thinking of yourself as an
animal seems too difficult then the next best alternative is to try to imagine
yourself living in a third world culture trying to eke out a subsistence living.
My idea is to become in tune with your body and in tune with nature. You must
experience hunger as a vital element to life, and respond to that hunger in a
natural fashion. As pain sends a signal to direct you to seek aid for your body,
so should hunger be a similar signal which directs your actions. Listen to your
body for it is telling you what you need and when you need it. Abandon all
schedules of eating imposed on you by society, the normal framework being
breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dramatically alter your view of the world and your
view of life, for now you must start to believe in the fundamental concept: EAT
TO LIVE rather than LIVE TO EAT. The ingestion of food is to be thought of as
sustenance ONLY, not as a pleasurable past-time or hobby. DIRECT YOU PLEASURE-
I have assembled the enclosed kit, everything you will need for PHASE 1 of this new beginning. It's
function will only serve for 24 hours but it is nonetheless the critical first
step in the process of "mind-over-matter" exercises,
through the exertion of self-discipline. The three items in the kit are a
notepad, a strip of duct tape with a hole in it, and a straw. Your immediate
reaction now is that this is an absurd joke, but your amusement at the assembled
"kit" may help to remind you that this is indeed a serious venture. For you must
begin by not eating at all for one entire day. The duct tape over your mouth
will certainly help remind you of this, and the good news is that you can still
communicate with friends with the writing pad. The straw is so you can drink
plenty of water, very important. Water is the ONLY drink
allowed until your weight goal is achieved, but drink as much as you can and
want. Even natural fruit juices contain too much sugar. The worst part of your entire readjustment to life will be just a few hours of hunger on this first day. It it consequently highly recommended that you
begin on a day when you know you will be very busy, absorbed, involved or engaged
in activity, so that your mind will be as distracted as possible when the initial pangs
of hunger begin. The worst part lasts just a few hours. After that, for me anyway, the
hunger pangs tend to subside. It is important to pick the right day to start as well,
like on a weekend, as you don't want to go to work or to a board meeting with
tape over your mouth. Remember: if you get by these first few hours you are
HOME FREE. Then you can cruise for the rest of the day. After that you will
have accomplished the vital goal for PHASE 1 - your stomach will have shrunk.
You will now feel full consuming less food. The quantities you ate before will
be impossible to consume without feeling horribly bloated and stuffed, an
experience you must strictly avoid ever again having. For if your stomach were
too expand again to its former size, you will just have to go through PHASE 1 all
over again, and there is no need for this. With your stomach shrunk and your
mindset now like a wild animal's the rest will seem like a piece of cake by
comparision. Be very sure at this point to not proceed until you have given
yourself a very big congratulatory slap on the back for your successful
completion of this first huge step. You are now ready for PHASE 2 to begin. All
that is involved here is that you stick to the program of ONLY eating when you
feel hunger, not matter what time it is, and then ONLY eat until the hunger pangs
have subsided, and then STOP. Personally, I probably eat something every one or two hours,
like an applel, or a green pepper, or some walnuts. It doesn't matter if it took only three bites for
the pangs to be gone. Eat NO MORE at this time. If you feel hunger again in an
hour then you may eat some more, but again, only until the hunger subsides. One
other rule: no "junk food" or anything that is processed at all is allowed. Your sweet tooth and taste for
fatty foods must go by the boards. Eat lots of produce, fruits and veggies, and
whole grains, chicken and fish. Avoid pre-fab
concoctions. Start with natural foods (remember you are an animal in nature and
Spaghettio's are not available in the wild) and prepare everything yourself from
scratch. As you become accustomed to your "feedings" the will power and
self-discipline that will be required of you will become less and less, conscious
effort relaced by a very natural and habitual routine. But be patient. This
technique will work. You should drop at least a pound a week as your body
consumes the fat which is stored in your body. More heavily fat-laden
individuals may lose more a week. But the key is not to think in drastic terms
and make any fast or sudden moves. Just the lifestyle change and the altered
mental outlook is all it takes. Good luck, and enjoy life as a wild animal. I
think you will agree that the trade-offs were worth it. Yes, you indeed have
given up some pleasures of oral gratification. The amount of time your taste
buds have to revel in the divine taste of chocolate and that your mouth, tongue
and throat have to revel in the velvety textures of creamy substances is now
obviously greatly reduced. However the time is now cut short, the pleasure was
quite transitory, fleeting and superficial. On the other hand, your new form of
pleasure seeking, re-directed into a higher-order channel, is substantive and
permanent. You are experiencing self-control, through self-will, over your body, and
creating a healtier life for yourself in the process. You are no longer a societal drone, where
you health it place at risk purely out of pressure to conform what society considers the norm,
(and this from a vapid and debauched culture that considers carbonated sugar-water as a great beverage, which you're not cool if you don't drink). You may come to find that the pleasures that once seemed so vital, now in hindsight seems rather crude and even banal compared
to other joys you now find in life, whether it be the greater enjoyment you take
in nature, friends, or just feeling healthier, sprier and more youthful. You may acquire a new
sensitivity in other areas, like when a person loses his eyesight, his other senses develop and become more acute.