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p.s. I realized I didn't really answer this specific question in my last email. My ethics make me aware that we are a completely spoiled rotten culture, relative to most of the rest of the world. I heard a statistic where much of the world spends 95% of their time and energy on survival (food and shelter). We spend about 5% on this, the rest we spend on attempting to entertain ourselves in our leisure time. And we gravitate to lurid crap like sexy Hollywood roll models for this quality entertainment, like girls who are tramps, wear mini-skirts with no underwear and puke all over themselves. And our culture raised these people up for us to admire and envy their lives and lifestyles. OMG! For reasons like this, I try to live as simply as possible, thinking of myself as a peasant rather than as a rich American. As Americans, we have spent the last 35 or so years, spending beyond our means, buying things we can't afford with money we don't have. We are a culture of being in debt and being used to extravagance in return for owing and being beholden in our debt. Now other countries want to emulate us, like China and India! What a horrible precedent we have set, to worship the attainment of things, gimmicks, gadgets, over human relationships and working on human connectedness. I don't think this is sustainable, as we are running out of resources on the planet. I really think The Story of Stuff video is amazing, and sooo important. We need to wake up and have some collective conscience-raising. People over things....please.

What I mostly eat is legumes, grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Lots of stir-fries with potatoes. Also peanuts and seeds.