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I think it is time for your very fine program to include a conversation about the spiritual and ethical values involved in NOT eating other living creatures. Unfortunately, Ms. Kingsolver, a person I admire in so many ways, has had to accept the cultural rationalizations for the eating of sentient beings in order for her to be able to eat those sentient beings.

I notice that other non-human animals fight to live. They have survival instincts. They suffer. How could it be ethical or spiritual to end a life for our own pleasure, to cause suffering in another creature when we simply do not have to? Saying that others give up meat, while she gives up bananas is equating a being capable of feelings and able to suffer with a fruit. I was truly stunned when I read those words, and the insensitivity they portray.

In addition, both the United Nations and the University of Chicago have released studies demonstrating that one of the biggest, if not the biggest, threat to our atmosphere is from the methane emissions from livestock. They suggest that not eating meat does more to help our planet than driving a hybrid.

Please — create a program to present another viewpoint. One in which the spiritual and ethical principles inherent in a deep respect for non-human animal lives can be aired and discussed.