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I am dismayed, shocked, hurt.

I grew up working in my family's rural resort hotel in the Catskills. Killing a chicken is killing. I killed a lot of chickens so I know the difference.

Harvesting a chicken is an insulting euphemism which just puts the lie to all the other granola on this program about food. Harvesting corn tomatoes soybeans and baling hay is just not the same as killing a chicken and saying so is a lie.

I have always trusted this program and now I feel hurt. Granola religion doesn't work. If Jesus is just pretty on Christmas, then when the crucifixions we face in life become inexplicable. It is a lie to say my growing my own fresh green beans will save the world from George Bush and Halliburton. I am ashamed, and if you can't admit you kill, you are lying.

Don't come on all wrapped in religiosity and talk about the honor a chicken gets from being eaten: that is insulting. It is not religion.