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The more I listened to the Barbara Kingsolver episode, the angrier I became. Although the mention of her being in a privileged position was given a passing mention, I turned off the radio when she explained how she tells her children when they are feeling "down" about not making a difference in the world "that black people were not allowed to go to the same schools as whites when she was young, but now that was unheard of." Ms. Kingsolver, though quite good with using words in a lyrical way, does not understand. Let's have her come to the inner city and tend to all those unheard of cases of the black people no longer subjected to discrimination.

As far as I'm concerned, she is living in a self-protected bubble. Ms. Kingsolver had the luxury of taking a year out of her life to not only spend the time cultivating pondering and practicing sustainability, she also had the luxury of book contract and getting paid for it. For whom does this show address except those wealthy enough?