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I think about packaging, local, organic, waste, my ecological footprint, etc., all these things — every time I want to/or need to purchase something at a store or the local farmers market. They are all connected in the web of life. It's not only about food. It's about water, soil, air, and the health of individuals as well as the planet. For instance, I haven't used my dryer for over a year now. It started out as a challenge for myself to see if I could do it and now my dryer has become a storage space! Our electricity consumption went down, our monthly bill went down, and this was with the increase for signing up for green energy.

This summer we also put our washing machine outside. We use biokleen soap and stain remover so have used the water from our washing to irrigate a small grass patch (the only one in our yard that is green) and rose bushes. Living with a small ecological footprint is a great challenge that my whole family participates in and continues to find ways in which we can live simpler and with better quality. We're having a great time! People like Kingsolver and her family are great inspiration.