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Listening to her speech so passionate about everything that she went through from being a nun to exploring other religions just intrigued me so much. She felt that she was just going to be a common nun in the convent and just be ordinary, when to me it sounded like she wanted to be extraordinary. Becoming a nun so young and growing up in a catholic home, she felt like she wasn't able to reach out and understand other religions. Karen wanted to know more and wanted more form God but wasn't getting it. She wanted a sign to make her life very holy and that everything would come easy to her but she was getting the opposite. She left the convent, went out into the world to debunk religion. At one point she felt that God has never really existed for her and she wanted more.

I can somewhat relate to her or more of what she felt. I have been a person of faith for most of my life but lately I have felt that I am not getting the things out of my faith that I have expected all of these years. I have prayed for signs or prayed for things in my life and have so many unanswered prayers and I have to wonder why. I have to wonder if I have done something wrong or if I have not been the best Christian I can be. I thought it was interesting that she wanted to know more about other religions and what they entailed. I have wondered myself if I should explore other religions to have an open mind about what others believe and how they have a passion for their faith. This woman is so interesting I really enjoyed listening to her.