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Looking back at Karen Armstrong’s interviewed, I found it to be very interesting and yet strange. As a young person growing up, I too had a lot of questions about the existence of God, but I did not confused myself with faith and belief. Where she mentioned that she belief that there is a God but did not have faith in him is somehow strange. Because belief is having the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely exists, while faith is a strong feeling of trust in someone or something. So, my question is; how can one belief that there is a God and do not have faith in him?

I really do not know that much about the Catholic religion and can’t imagine how she felt about her unanswered question. But to be able to understand and know who God is, I believe you’ll have to have both faith and belief in him.

I also believe that the most important aspect of life when it comes to religion is to obey the Golden Rules. If humans could have empathy and compassion for one another, there won’t have to be religious differences. People would see God in everything around them, for example the trees, sun, moon, wind and even the animals. They would even see him in their fellow humans.