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I found this show to be very interesting! I never would've thought I'd hear a former nun say some of the things she said, like God never existed for her, or that she would not go near a church after leaving the convent. I myself am not very religious, so I found myself identifying with the feelings she had while being a nun. The wandering mind; feeling exhausted by the church... that's exactly how I was/am. I found myself agreeing with alot of things she said. Like it or not, religion HAS done harm over the years, with religious wars that took place centuries ago, all the way up to now. 9/11 is a shining example of that. But not to completely discredit religion, the amount of people who take it upon themselves to act in a menacing way in the name of their God is few and far between. It's those extremists- even like the guy she talked about towards the end, at the conference- that warp the true meaning of religion.

I completely agree with her views on religion, such as it's not about believing in things or what you believe in, but doing things. Mother Teresa, for example: she is known for what she did, and all the love and support she gave to whoever needed it. No one ever talks about how great she was at praying, or if she could recite the bible. Everything that religion teaches us about life is true, if you want to have a peaceful, happy life. It really can be as simple as doing onto others as you would want done to you.