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There was so many things that Karen Armstrong had said throughout the show that I found particularly interesting. I was suprised at how it started, and how it ended. The way it started with saying how she was Atheist gave me the impression that the whole show was going to be about how God isn't real and de-bunking all of the religions, but I was wrong. I thought it was awesome that her experience as a Catholic nun had actually brought her to a point of learning about/ keeping an open mind about several religions. The fact that she went from being a nun to being atheist to being able to say that she is a religious person is so inspiring for me to keep an open mind.

Something that really stood out to me was in the middle where she talked about how she realized that the thing that all of us humans have in common was to ask questions about the "God" idea, no matter what religion someone is. It was just the chance of seeing similarities instead of differences because people will often look at another differently because of the religion they chose to be apart of. Another thing that stood out to me is when she was talking about her conversation with her, I believe it was one of her Jewish friends, on the idea of believing and they said to her that it's the action that is put in, not the idea and that kind of blew my mind because it's like I could have the great idea of doing something but it's 100% more meaningful when it's put into action.

I enjoyed listening to this show and it has me feeling peaceful and wanting to know more!