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I think Karen Armstrong still struggles with what she thinks about religion. With all of her knowledge about these different religions, it probably makes it difficult for her to decide what is right and wrong. She clearly shows a fascination with religious ideas and figures but maybe doesn't know if those ideas apply to her life. As a woman that comes from the life of being a nun for seven years, I totally understand why she would have doubts.

The life of a nun was a strict life where there was no room for thinking outside the box. In order to be a nun you need to be disciplined and obedient. And Karen Armstrong didn't have what the other nuns had. She said that, "She wanted God to invade her life." Yet he remained at a distance. And then after being in the convent for seven years, she went to a Catholic church for a couple of years and following that she tried to debunk religion. She said she wanted people to see the harm that religion does to oneself.

And after all that, now she claims to be a religious person. Like myself and others have been discussing in this post, what can that possibly mean to her. She even claims that religion is more about action than belief. So if this is so and she is religious, what actions is she doing that make her religious then?