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I have to say that was a long hour interview. In that time frame I thought Karen Armstrong was very confused. She started off as being a nun to a atheists to believing in God again. I'm not to sure that she knew what she wanted out of religion. She traveled and spoke to many individuals regarding religion. I don't think she knew what to do with her life, since she dedicated her life to God. She became a nun at a early age of 17, and she spent 7 years in a convent. After 7 years in the convent she was drawn away from religion. It seemed as she grew to despite the catholic faith.

I think her interview and her book, shows a lot of confusion in her life. As I read and listen to her more, I think one minute she's turning me away from religion and the next she's not. Through her interview you could see her finding good out of other religions. I still haven't really figured out why was there such a big change in her life? Why after 7 years did she begin to question the faith? Since religion is based on faith, what made her start doubting the catholic faith?