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While listening to this pod cast about Karen Armstrong I hear someone that sought out a religious comfort in a convent at the young age of 17. Listening to her talk about it it became quite clear that she was trying to force something to happen that wasn't exactly there. Trying to find comfort by putting yourself in a position to be wrapped up in the religious God and finding nothing to comfort you seems like it took it's toll on her. She talked about always smashing down or 'deflecting' her inner thoughts because there was always someone to think for her and I feel as though that could have truly injured her internally because you won't find the comfort you need by not allowing yourself to feel and think for your own self.

From what I continued to listen to is that she at first seemed to want to put an end to the thought of religion and that there is something wrong with the whole thing but ended up getting pulled into multiple directions with different religions. There are quite a few things that I feel as though I would be able to relate with Karen due to the fact that my family is indeed a very religious one and that sometimes it's a struggle to find where your place is in it all. Her views are very interesting and very different from what I've been told for most of my life. Karen seems like she was granted exactly what she wanted in the convent the entire time, a way to connect with a religious figure. Yes, it may not have been exactly what she was meant to do but she still found herself connecting and seeing the ultimate purpose of all the religions and that's to believe in something, even if it meant yourself.