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I think Karen Armstrong's life was very shifty and all over until she finally found her place and what she believed. Religion was sort of forced upon her since she was young, and then when she went on to be a nun. She speaks about how she felt as though she couldn't have any of her own original ideas or thoughts, and thought she could not have any doubts about God. She says she was always critiqued as a nun. I can relate to her inability to meditate for an hour because it is always hard for me to pray for a long time because my mind always wanders off and it is hard to stay focused on God.

I liked the point that came up about how religion isn't about believing things, but about doing things and living in a compassionate way that changes you. Karen says that in her covent they saw every prayer and religious event as a way to encounter God. I know a lot of people who have heard God or have seen God working in their lives and I had never seen that before. I would wait and expect God to show say something or answer my prayers or something, but I eventually learned that it doesn't work like that. I can relate to Karen because you kind of have to find your own beliefs and your own God, and not let other people tell you how to have faith. After she was exhausted from religion, she started studying other religions. She learned that she did not have to believe in one religion over another.