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I would urge Karen to speak of the differences between all the paths to experiencing "God" as organized attempts to help others, perhaps fostered by those who have found them useful. Hard statements about what "works" and does not are only very personally true. Though not recommended for everyone, remember murderers sometimes find "God" in prison. I noticed she made the point that some nuns did respond to the practices of the convent, but emphasized that there are paths there that do not work. She seems quite unaware at times of the path she walked to her present considerable cognitive understanding and the considerable ego involved. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the corrupt or just misguided who are trading ideas for funds, but notice that "God" has tolerated this sad path forever. Everyone needs a path, although I cannot judge if it is better to know the path you are on or not. Regardless, I believe you are on one. Some are short and some very long to "reach God". Naturally it takes a long time to travel a distance thought impossible to traverse. On the other hand, wakefulness comes in degrees. Finally, there are those who think, and those who feel, and those who act, all to different degrees and there are a lot of us. Active compassion is just a path, and sadly just as prone to corruption as any. It would be nice if not so. Prophets wills let us know when the balance is off. Karen clearly is one.