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I'm glad you're re-running the interview with Armstrong. I think I've written before about (and no doubt I've missed any shows you've done on) the Jesus Seminar, of which Armstrong is a strong supporter. Maybe you should ferret out other supporters: I bet you've talked with Bishop Spong, but you may not have chatted with Marcus Borg, a particularly impressive, still-loyal Protestant. He is often on the road with Dominic Crossan. I heard both of them here in St. Louis (at of all things a UCC conclave, which balanced their scholalrly rationality with surprisingly evangelical moments); I heard Karen, Jack and Marcus at a Jesus Seminar in April of 2009. A truly transformative four days--to the extent that we Episcopalians (God's frozen people) get caught up in raptures. You might want to pursue any of those folks. Keep the faith.