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After listening to the interview with Karen Armstrong I am more interested in reading her book and learning about her ideas. She seems like a very interesting and strong woman. I like how she did what she believed in even though it was against the Catholic religion she was raised in. After she spent 7 years as a nun in a convent she explored ideas and asked "why" even though she was told not to, to just believe in what she was told, and to to not express any doubt. She was taught God would listen, made the earth, and could appear through prayer. I thought it was interesting that she was told this so much that she said her brain was programed not to think and explore new ideas, and she couldn't experience joy. It seems that instead of religion doing her good, she lost herself and it made her worse as a person.

I really like her idea about compassion. As she studied other religions, she realized it wasn't just learning about the Bible it is about "doing". It's not just studying the Bible, its about what we do. In the interview she said Buddha believed the practice of compassion will get you to nirvana, and Jesus stated that the people who visit the sick and poor and help people will be able to enter heaven. I strongly believe there are ideas about many religions that are helpful to all people, such as karma. I enjoyed listening to the interview because Karen brought up a lot of good points that made me think deeply. If we listen to her ideas I think we can learn a lot about many perspectives on religion.