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I suspect you included Gregory of Nyssa's Trinity letter as a test, a trial of our discernment of "just sitting, uttering a list of doctrines"? There is a natural, God-given realtionship between grape and vine. Our own natural preference is to see ourselves as grapes, while eschewing the almost obscure vines. It's those grapes which clamor for our attention and allegiance. If grapes proclaim various "creeds," it's the vines which modestly do so much of the real "doing." Similarly, we distinguish the light particle from the light wave: " the Sufi tradition that it was quite common for a Sufi mystic — the Sufis being the mystics of Islam — to cry in ecstasy that he is no longer a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim, he's at home equally in a synagogue, a mosque, a temple, or a church, because when one has touched the divine, one can leave these manmade distinctions behind." Wait! There's more! Imagine if photons could be organisms, not mechanisms--propagating themselves across space and time. We should not assume all of them are uniform; however, in aggregate they make such a difference.