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I just finished hearing this interview about freelance monotheism and want to say Karen has a kindred spirit in me as I have spent my whole life with doubt and questions. It started as a 13 y.o. after several years in catechism class and memorizing Luther Small Catechism at the service where we expected to take a vow to remain faith to those teaching I found myself thinking , what if I want to become a Catholic or a nun. I did not take the vow but I never told anyone of my decision. It wasn't until I was in my 30's when a visiting Pastor came to our church that I had the courage to openly express my doubts and questioning even if it meant rejection. To my surprised he reassured me that it was OK but just to remember it is a life long journey. I was off and running and haven't stopped yet. Most of my searching has been though reading the about other spiritual paths and finding the source of truths that we all share. In the past five years I have been part of Torah class at a local Reformed Synagogue. I drove by a St Pauls Lutheran church every week and 2 years ago I decided to check it out. To my surprise they have been very excepting of my freelance monotheism. I know there are many churches that would not be so open so I feel blessed to have found a community that is open and especially that the Pastor is a kindred spirit. I had left the church after that conversation with the visiting Pastor in my 30's because the Pastor of that church made it very clear that he was not open to exploring doubts and my questioning because he said it would hurt those who believe. Little did he know