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I have to say that I really had no knowledge at all about who Mother Theresa really was other than what I had heard, that she was a nun and a saint. It was sad to learn that she doubted the existance of God for most of her life. And that many saints have doubted God, believing he was just a story that was told. I do like what mother Theresa said about doing good, "You need willing hands, not clean ones."

After listening to the interview with Karen Armstrong and the Commentary on Mother Theresa I have to say its sad to listen about the lives of both of these nuns. KA entered the convent when she was only 17 years old. She took the idea of God for granted and wasn't allowed to express doubt or confusion. KA found herself not being able to pray and God being distant. Eventually she left the convent and couldn't even find herself able to stay in the Catholic Church. She started out trying to prove religion wrong but eventually found herself talking about other religions.