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I was recently turned onto Karen by a college course, Western Religion. I have been living as agnostic or sometimes Epicurist just to avoid ridicule of the title atheist and to tell you the truth I probably am not atheist, I have just been, as Karen said "exhausted" with religion and the Church. I find the Christian Church corrupt and people who hide behind religion phonies or if not phonies; if they really are good people and believe what they learn in church I find their minds clouded and hard to talk with, and I knew there was something more real out there, no matter who or what you worshiped that if you had empathy and compassion in your life, maybe there is no after life (or no after life if you didn’t believe) but at least I could leave this world a better place then I found it.

I feel inspired, enlightened and relived to the point of tears to find Armstrong and someone who I think can teach me what I have been waiting to learn, which is not about one religion and why they are “the right religion” but about why all religions are right and how we can combine them to be a better race of humans.

I have shared her views for a long time, without the education and knowlege to back my beliefs.