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After listening to the broadcast interview I see Karen as a very strong, honest person. She admits to many things that people wouldn’t’ admit being wrong about. She thought that all the truths of religion she’s believed in the past years she finally admits to realizing that God didn’t exist in her life, even when she was a nun. I guess I’m confused on what she exactly believes in now but from what I took from the interview is that she is an Atheist and just studies the different religions. After being a nun for all those years and following the Catholic religion so closely with detail, I find it really hard to believe that she just suddenly realized she didn’t’ need God, or that he didn’t exist in her life, she suddenly just changes her life style and thoughts about religion. In the interview she suggest that it took her many years to completely relief herself from any kind of religion, the Catholic religion was her life and her every day lifestyle and she didn’t know anything else about the world except religion. I give her a lot of props for coming out of her shell and adapting so well with the surroundings and cultures after being “trapped” in just the beliefs of religion and focusing on being a nun for so many years. It seems that she transformed into many different stages in her life; she started out completely understanding her faith, becoming a nun and focusing all her attention on her religion, realizing God wasn’t there, adapting to her new faith, and focusing her energy on others faiths and understanding religion. As she stated that these changes weren’t easy, but the help of analyzing people, the environment, and surroundings she learned to adapt to her new ways without religion or faith being apart of her life. I feel like after all these changes that have happened in her life, and her as a person that she now completely understands what she wants and what she believes in. Not only that but I also know that all these changes have caused her to become a stronger person who just wants to learn about the world and religion in general because her early childhood she had no option other than focusing on just religion