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I found it interesting that Karen Armstrong growing up had a spritual longing and it got in her way of being a nun forever. She had the privilege to meet some other nuns who had gone through the process of being a nun and her eyes were wise, ccompassionate, funny and mature. I liked some of the personal reflections she had while she was a nun stating " She knew she wasn't going to be like the nuns she had met and she just wanted to take back some personal satisfaction's here and there" and the reason for these views were " I just entered the convent too young, I was only 17". During the pod cast it was nice to hear what happened to her after she left the convent and also some personal hobbies of hers too. I found it interesting the Karen Armstrong couldn't meditate or concentrate long enough on a prayer. In her words "God became distant and the heavens remained closed". It was also unfortunate that Karen's illness went undiagnosed for as long as it did and to have it effect her work. To me I think it was unbelievable to hear her say after she left the convent that she wanted nothing to do with religion. Karen Armstrong wanted to consider herself atheist and later also stated that she she was simply exhausted. Where I think things happen for a reason is right here she later in life got the opportunity to get into religion again, but this time on a television show. Karen Armstrong got discuss religion in her words " just tear the subject apart" which I found very humorous. It was perfect for her because she thought " alot of these theories are just bonkers". I like how Karen Armstrong put her television show to good use also. Karen Armstrong interviewed different people associated with other religions and found out what they were supposed to believe in and at the same time realized what her religion was at its best trying to do. Diving into these religions was very refreshing for her, because it started to give her a blue print of these other religions. This pod cast gave me a better understanding on the life of a nun and how mentally draining it can be. Also found it interesting how someone's love for something can turn to hatred and the pull you back in a different way, like it was all meant to be. Karen Armstrong's background and life story is very fascinating and I can't wait to get into this book more now that I got to know the person behind words.