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When watching the Show on Karen Armstrong I found he views on the different religions from her life experience easier to understand then just some person writing histories in a book. The way she shares her life with what she talks about with religion, I find, makes it easier to acknowledge what she has to say and not right away beat it down but instead it makes you think about it more. Also, you can tell she knows what she's talking about has studied for years and has a little more wisdom on this subject then someone that's probably taking this class. Some of the things she talks about is the many different religions that people are studying, how religion is involved in so many other things, and where religions are failing, like Karen says, "that any ideology that doesn't promote a since of global understanding and global appreciation of each other is failing each other." She also mentions about change, that there are people that hunger for a change, which then that go with what she said in her book on how people eventually want to have a different kind of spiritual being.
I found it interesting when she mentioned about Akilies (?), sorry that's probably spelt wrong, and when he killed Hector and refused to give his body back and Ethos, Hector's father, cloaked himself and when to Akilies tent to ask for Hector's body back. When he uncloaked himself they both started to weep and this created a bond in them. That was a little weird to me that just because they weeped together they created a bond between each other. But in the end Ethos got his son body back.
I didn't like how she tried to get it so that everyone would try to do whatever it takes to get this information to everywhere in the world, cause I really don't find it an essential thing that people need to know. So, it's something you can try to get to different places but shouldn't come before other things.