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Karen Armstrong addresses quite a few things into what makes her who she is today. One of those that I find significant is questioning religion and God's existence to better understand and make meaning out of spirituality. She was a young nun practicing the teachings but in real sense did not really have faith or know what she believed in as a result of being taught not to question. So many people just follow a certain religion because they were born into it. We need to be encouraged to explore our religion and beliefs. She learned that religion is about actually doing things and a lifestyle. The study of other religions and traditions helped her come to know and understand the richness in her faith. When you do not really know what your practicing you can misconstrue the teachings for example fundamentalists who drag religion into violence because of their opinions. She says to ask and find out the root of these mystics in religions in order to feel and believe like they do. When you understand what you believe your practices become meaningful instead of going through it as a task.