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I really enjoyed hearing Karen Armstrong talk about her journey and her take on religion. I think being able to actually hear Karen Armstrong the author the book we are reading helps connect us the readers to the book even better.

I really liked when Karen Armstrong spoke about how she wasn't taught to explore or think about God and couldn't ask questions to her superiors about potential doubts, or just plain questions. I find that relatable because I sometimes had the feeling when I would be thinking about the Bible and God and how all this came together that there were doubts about how can one "individual" put all this together and to ask superiors would make them look down on me as if I was questioning God and the Bible which wasn't the case. But merely just wanted to explore the contents of what was being taught to me.

I thought it was very candid of Karen Armstrong when she said that she thought that Judasim was just a perpetuated out of Christianity and that she never really thought about Islam. Especially in todays world we see on the news how hot of a topic it truly is.

When Karen Armstrong spoke about how compassion is what the key is between all three religions, I strongly agree with that notion. Without compassion how would we feel, help, and encourage others. I think that the commonalities between these religions are far more bigger than what I have ever really dwelled upon or explored.