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It was an interesting broadcast, opening the world I'm far from and heard only general information about. It's always nice to hear from the insider, it gives much better understanding about what they really feel, think, value; something cannot be read in a book. It's also amazing to hear a person who found his place in life, found the truth he believes (though I wouldn't agree with the guest here). And finally, there are so many ideas most of us know from childhood that we almost stop paying attention to their true meaning and value (as Stace wrote in Time and Eternity: their meaning was "debased by parrot-like repetition"), but the life of this man proves that many are still working, for example it's possible to find a place where people behave, think, and say, the same thing, that happiness is not measured by the amount of money or fame you have, that happiness inside one's bubble doesn't work either, and that good behavior should be constantly practiced. Thanks for the broadcast.